How to manual DNS on Standalone AP?

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Talking about IP setting of an AP, in previous firmware, we could only manually set or use DHCP or to all sub-settings. Although most of users are satisfied with this design. We still received some requests, hoping the interface setting can be the same as Microsoft Windows System – where DNS setting and Host IP Address can be set separately.

Topology and Scenario

Gateway --- Switch --- AP in standalone mode


1. Selecting DHCP in the drop-down list (which defines how AP get its host IP address), user can further check the sub setting and set static DNS Server Address on AP.


Perform nslookup to a specific domain, verify AP uses manually DNS to resolve.


1. This enhancement only applies to AP local GUI. User can see these settings on NCC/ZON, but cannot configure same settings.

2. After setting static DNS address on AP, and switch it to other modes (Cloud/Managed), this interface setting will still be kept.

3. On NCC, any changes to AP’s IP setting will remove the configured fixed DNS Server Address.

4. On NCC, if user overwrite AP’s DNS setting which causing AP offline. AP will recover the DNS address back to previous fixed address and go online again.

5. On ZON, press “Renew IP Address” will not change the Static DNS


6. Device should be updated to v6.60 or newer version.