Overcoming Historic Building Challenges for Whole New Network Upgrade

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Fourvière Foundation


“The project required multiple network devices capable of achieving high performance and responsive support from the technical team, which are fundamental to ensuring the successful completion of the project. We have been collaborating with Zyxel for over 7 years as they are a reliable partner that can provide the products and services we require. That is why we turned to their team to carry out this large-scale project.”

Vincent Guilhempere
Manager, Xbline


The Carré Fourvière, belonging to the Fourvière Foundation, is an event venue within the Maison Carré that required revamping its network infrastructure to enhance connectivity and performance. The historical building’s limitations and architectural standards posed a challenge for site planning and network equipment installation. The foundation turned to Xbline, which provides comprehensive and customized IT solutions to meet the connectivity needs of businesses, ranging from hardware supply and maintenance to IT outsourcing, software sales, and cloud solutions. As a longstanding partner supporting their development, Zyxel played a crucial role in the success of this project. The initial step involved conducting a WiFi and security audit to assess the network’s condition and identify requirements for a successful redesign. Zyxel provided a comprehensive report, fine-tuned the system configuration, and devised suitable network devices and a management strategy. Over 50 WiFi 6 access points and switches were installed. The entire system is connected to Zyxel’s Nebula cloud management solution for streamlined management. With the successful result, Zyxel and Xbline continue to conduct parallel projects throughout 2023 on the Fourvière hill, including network redesign for the basilica, Bulle restaurant, and Fourvière Museum.


  • Multiple-site deployment and compliance with regulations for the preservation of historical buildings complicated the network upgrade
  • Ensure the new network is reliable and easy to manage


  • Seamless experience for event attendees
  • Streamlined network management simplifies monitoring, configuration, and maintenance tasks, improving efficiency and reducing complexities
  • High-performance, scalable network for future expansion across multiple sites

Products used

WAX510D WiFi 6 Access Point

XGS2220 Series L3 Access Switch

XGS1930 Series Lite-L3 Smart Managed Switch Products used

More Information

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