Slow WebInterface on NWA90AX Pro

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I am experiencing similar issues as in "Slow WebInterface on NWA50AX Pro" thread but on a NWA90AX Pro.

Many of the flows that pass via the AP experience Freezes (at TCP level, packet capture shows, DUPs, retransmissions, etc) including accessing the WEB and SSH interfaces of the AP itself when from not-administrative WLANs.

Accessing devices connected to the AP, from another WLAN also result in the same issues: Raspberry PIs, and other "Things": Cameras, Printers, etc… all freeze when accessing from one WLAN/VLAN to things on other WLAN/VLAN.

I have been making all sort of tests during 2 days, and the issue seems caused by the AP, because accessing the same tcp flows with similar origin VLAN but via Ethernet instead works fine (same routing, same switching). Also connections WLAN→ AP→INTERNET seem to work just fine. Direct connections within the same SSID also work fine including for the offending devices.

But for some reason connections that originate and finalize in the AP, on different WLAN/VLANs, freeze. Including access to SSH/WEB interface of the AP itself.

It is a very obscure networking problem, but it can be reproduced on every single connection. Also ICMP flows on offending connections work just fine, quick response and no packet loss, but TCP streams freeze constantly, and unfreeze after 30-60s.

I have looked at the diagnostic data and some of the interfaces show high error counts of up to 30% of packets.

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