[2024 January Tips & Tricks] Easy Provisioning with Remote Access VPN Wizard

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Easy Provisioning with Remote Access VPN Wizard

We have launched the Remote Access VPN Wizard to better offer our customers a better setup experience. This wizard will guide you step-by-step through the configuration of a VPN connection between two managed Zyxel firewalls simultaneously with IKEv2. We’ll use Nebula Firewall as an example.

  1. Go to Site-wide> Configure> Firewall> Remote access VPN
  2. Enable the IPSec VPN server.
  3. Click “+ Add account”

Create a user and set up a password

Click “Send Email”

“Employee1” will receive the following email:

“Employee1” needs to click on the WiFi icon, where they will find the remote VPN channel. They can then connect and enter the password provided in the email.