USG20W-VPN keeps dropping wirless connection

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I recently purchased the ZyXel USG20W-VPN.  Once installed, the Ethernet connection worked/works fine. But the wireless connection drops 5-6 times per day. This unit is used is a medical office that vpn/rdp's into a third-party patient data app.

I updated the firmware to v4.32(ABAR.O) to see if this would help but it has not.

This is the first Zyxel unit I ever purchased and it is discouraging that I cannot keep the wireless connection stable.  The individual office computers show 4-5 bars of signal so I know the signal strength (when working) is fine.

Any advice on how to get this unit to send a stable wireless signal to the computers and laptops?  I'd hate to have to ship the unit back but my customer is getting frustrated with the lack of stability in the wireless connection.

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    Hi @ShaMed,


    A new firmware with the fix of the AP Disconnect issue is sent to you via the private message.

    Please check your inbox and follow the instructions to upgrade USG20W-VPN to this firmware.

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