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I have a GS1915-24 and a 1915-8.

Both work very good, but both show this message in the system log (over and over):

ER system: Gets the time and date from a time server failed

IP configuration looks good to my mind, but the strange thing is, I cannot ping/traceroute any IP address. The switches have static IP addresses and the only addresses, that give me a response are just these static addresses.



subnet mask:

default gateway:

No other address responds - not even the gateway.

I also configured management IP addresses, but they also cannot be pinged … not even the adresses of the switch itself.

I suppose there's something wrong with that configuration and that this is the root cause why no ntp servers can be reached - but I have no idea what the problem could be

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    Hi @klaeuser,

    Did you use the switch diagnostic tool to ping the default gateway of your switch, which is, but failed? If yes, please:

    1. Check the connection between your switch and the default gateway.
    2. Check if there is an IP conflict.

    Or does your switch have a default gateway?

    In addition, since the NTP server address usually uses a domain name, you must set a domain name server to resolve the domain name.

    Zyxel Melen