How to View BSSID and IP Address for Zyxel APs?

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To view the BSSID and IP Address for each APs in your network, follow these steps:

1. SSH into the AP. You can find the login credentials under Site-wide > Configure > Site settings > Local credentials in your network settings.

2. Enter the command > debug interface ifconfig

3. Look for the wlan interface details. This will include all wlan-x-y interfaces, where 'x' represents the radio, and 'y' is the SSID number. For instance, wlan-2-1 refers to the first SSID of the 5GHz radio.

Each AP will have unique BSSIDs, serving as an identifier for that specific SSID. This method ensures you can individually manage and identify each AP in your network, providing greater control and customization for network management.