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To set up a VPN which supports IKEv2 I have used the following instructions:

The setup works on my Windows 10 device (manual configuration) and on my iPhone (iOS 12.1.1) using the handy provisioning feature.

Now the question is how to provision the profile on my iPad? Safari is not displaying the webpage of the ZyXEL in a mobile version (/access.cgi?mobile=1), therefore the profile is not visible to install. Manually configuring the VPN tunnel does not work (no proposal chosen). 

What I am doing wrong? Many thanks for any hints in advance.


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  • alehzn
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    Hello @Zyxel_Emily
    Thank you for your reply.

    Do you have also an answer on how to manually configure the IKEv2 tunnel on iPhone/iPad? Apperently it is not possible to set it up manually. All provided information seems to be not sufficient.

    Thanks in advance.
  • alehzn
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     Converting the certificate did the trick. Thanks a lot!
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    Hi, I would love to get this working ! However, I'm in the US and can't download the referenced PDF,

    Could anyone please share all of the specified settings for phase 1 & phase 2 ?
    Thank-you in advance, be it @Zyxel_Emily or anyone else.
  • Zyxel_Emily
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    Currently iOS supports the following proposals:

    In phase 1:
    AES256+SHA256, Key Group=DH14

    In phase 2:
    AES256+SHA256, PFS=none

    How iOS device get the IKEv2 VPN configuration from device
  • CoreSG
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    Thanks very much !

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