[Release Note] Access Point Series - V6.70 Patch 1 & Patch 2 firmware has been released

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Access Points Firmware Release Note 

January 2024


This document provides firmware release information on Zyxel Access Points platforms, introduce new Access Points, new features and enhancements, bug fix, known issues and workarounds information for Release V6.70 Patch1 C0 & V6.70 Patch2 C0.

Supported Platforms

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WiFi 7 model(s):

Zyxel WBE660S - V6.70(ACGG.2)C0

WiFi 6E model(s):

Zyxel WAX640S-6E - V6.70(ACCM.1)C0

Zyxel WAX620D-6E - V6.70(ACCN.1)C0

Zyxel NWA220AX-6E - V6.70(ACCO.1)C0

WiFi 6 model(s):

Zyxel WAX655E - V6.70(ACDO.1)C0

Zyxel WAX650S - V6.70(ABRM.2)C0

Zyxel WAX630S - V6.70(ABZD.2)C0

Zyxel WAX610D - V6.70(ABTE.2)C0

Zyxel WAX510D - V6.70(ABTF.2)C0

Zyxel WAX300H - V6.70(ACHF.1)C0

Zyxel NWA210AX - V6.70(ABTD.2)C0

Zyxel NWA110AX - V6.70(ABTG.2)C0

WiFi 5 model(s):

Zyxel WAC500H - V6.70(ABWA.1)C0

Zyxel WAC500 - V6.70(ABVS.1)C0

Zyxel NWA1123ACv3 - V6.70(ABVT.1)C0

New Features and Enhancements

1. Standalone mode AP supports one-click automatic firmware upgrades. 

2. CEF syslog enhancement. 

3. Wizard enhancement to improve user experience. 

4. Schedule reboot feature to solve the client IoP or connectivity issue. 

5. Added more supported countries for Wi-Fi 6E and WiFi7 (6GHz) models.

Bug Fix

C=Cloud mode, M=Managed, S=Standalone mode

Bug fixCMS
1. [eITS: 230601579, 230801099] [Symptom] AP random reboot (Wi-Fi AID & lldp)V--
2. [eITS: 231100146] [Symptom] AP cannot switch to DFS channel through DCS.V--
3. [eITS: 230801577] [Symptom] AP can’t normally receive the packet.VVV
4. [eITS: 230900568,230900386] [Symptom] AP connects abnormal.VVV
5. [eITS: 231000300] [Symptom] Unit not getting IP, error about VLANV--
6. [eITS: 231101007] [Symptom] When WAX500H activates rate limit, the other SSID client without rate limit. Speed is not maximized.VVV
7. [eITS: 231000773, 231100277] [Symptom] WAX300H has connection issue with specific switch.VVV
8. [eITS: 231100445] [Symptom] abnormal display of 6G client count from AP mgmt. list >> there is no 6E models managed.V--

Known Issue

C=Cloud mode, M=Managed, S=Standalone mode

Known IssueCMS
1. [eITS: 230900934] [Symptom] AP not forward the MLDv1 report packets from wireless clients to ethernet.VVV
2. [SPRID: 231228296] [Symptom] When 'SSID rate- limit'/'traffic shaping'/'Application visibility' is turned on and then off, the throughput does not return to normal. A reboot is necessary for it to return to normal. V--
3. [SPRID: 231208054] [Symptom] WAX300H, ARP proxy enabled, allows STA to connect but it cannot obtain an IP.-V-
4. [SPRID: 231204012] [Symptom] Enabling and then disabling Intra-BSS traffic blocking results in STAs being unable to ping each other.V-V
5. [SPRID: 230926298] [Symptom] Application speed still limited after Application visibility from enable to disable when connect to WBE660S.V--
6. [SPRID: 230721257] [Symptom] WBE660S does not support ZyMesh-V-
7. [SPRID: 230914205] [Symptom] Windows 7 client cannot connect successfully to WPA2/WPA3 -Enterprise SSID configured with Nebula Cloud AuthenticationV--
8. [SPRID: 230918233] [Symptom] When configured with 'Block all access until sign- on', the AP still allows HTTPS traffic before client authentication. VVV
9. [SPRID: 230509120] [Symptom] Nebula Live Tool cannot display WAX300H LAN clientsV--
10. [SPRID: 230511153] [Symptom] When enable MAC- Authentication with accounting, after client roaming, accounting star & stop will exist at the same time (Station still connected to the AP)VVV
11. [SPRID: 230523291] [Symptom]When WAX300H, SSID security configure with enhance- open, 802.11n clients cannot get IP address.VVV

Limitation of Settings


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