Revolutionizing Surveillance: Greenko’s Journey with Zyxel’s GS1350 Series Switches in the ...

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Revolutionizing Surveillance: Greenko’s Journey with Zyxel’s GS1350 Series Switches in the Energy Transition Era



Being the world’s leading energy transition and decarbonization solution company, Greenko’s management required robust and stable surveillance switches to help them monitor their surveillance cameras and PoE status at a glance. The company preferred to use Zyxel’s solution because it had several advantages, such as central control and management for advanced surveillance infrastructure. With the thought of surveillance in mind, Zyxel proposed GS1350 series network switches for the project as the backbone and edge switches. Multiple variants of GS1350 switches were used with port counts varying from 6 to 26. Zyxel’s switches were deployed to connect and manage ‘2,500’ cameras. Nebula made monitoring and management hassle-free. Being a smart managed switch, GS1350 is designed for mission-critical IP surveillance applications, featuring GbE Uplink. With features like ‘automated camera recovery,’ it stands out to provide detecting and recovering mechanisms for failed IP cameras and powered devices automatically with customizable granular parameters suitable for any type of device and scenario.
Furthermore, GS1350 offers up to 250 meters of data and PoE transmission, perfect for deployments in large spaces. After the installation and deployment of the switches, the IT department was delighted to see the performance offered by Zyxel switches. They were also impressed with the easiness of installing the switches without any mind-boggling strategy.


  • Ensuring continuous operation of 2,500 cameras at the project site of over a million square meters
  • Seeking reliable and scalable solutions to manage surveillance cameras


  • Implementation of robust detection and recovery mechanisms for failed IP cameras
  • Easy-to-manage network infrastructure that is flexible and centralized
  • Constant power deliverance to IP Cameras

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GS1350 Series Surveillance Switch

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