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Hi, i'm trying to do a basic vlan using a guest network to connect all my 2.4ghz band devices to a deco mesh setup

Port 8 - Main Deco M5 Router doing dhcp and handling th internet connection + 5ghz wifi and the guest network

Port 7 & 4 2x satellite Deco s4 running the 5ghz main network and 2.4ghz guest vlan

other ports - tv's, games consoles etc

1 non ethernet deco s4 connected to the M5 via wifi bridge that lives in a kitchen

I've assigned a VLAN id of 591 on the deco settings page for the guest network and set the band to only 2.4 ghz, different ssid from my main network.

The 5ghz network on all decos is fine, the ethernet is working fine, but the 2.4ghz guest network doesn't seem to function at all on either of the ethernet backhauled satellite decos, sometimes it'll connect but no internet connection so devices drop of it and move to the further away nodes of the main deco or the kitchen which seems to work fine as a bridged connection(as does the main) but nothing on the port 7&4 connected satellites

I've tried the attached settings in the screenshot.

I've also tried it with the pvid set to 591 for port 7 for the deco in my office, that seems to cause it to lose the ethernet backhaul as well

losing the will with combinations , am i missing something simple?

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  • Am2024
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    seem to have got it working

    pvid all 1

    vlan 1 - all untaged egress all ports

    vlan 591 - 7&4&8 tagged egress, other ports non-member

    took a load of switch/restarts of the decos (which i think were the issue tbh)

  • Zyxel_Nami
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    Hi @Am2024

    Your VLAN settings on the GS1200 Switch are correct. And it seems like you have already found a solution. Could you please confirm if the issue is fully resolved?

    Please feel free to reach out if there are any further issues.

    Zyxel Nami