Site-to-site with two Flex 100H

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Hi again

I upgraded my setting:

  • Office: FritzBox > Flex 100H
  • Home: FritzBox > Flex 100H

I have a static IP in both locations and I would like to do a site-to-site VPN with IPsec. At the beginning I tried to just open ESP and UDP 500/4500 and tried to follow the example for a direct connection ("How to Configure Site-to-site IPSec VPN Where the Peer has a Static IP Address" in the handbook). That did not work, so I set the Flex 100Hs as exposed hosts in the Fritzbox. If I type the public IP in the browser I reach them. I again followed the example and then tried to connect, but no success (I used the public IPs as "my address" and "peer gateway address"). It says (also before when I did not have them as exposed hosts):

Command failed: CHILD_SA config 'sec_policy1_OfficeToHome' not found

I can't see anything being blocked in the log. Any idea what's missing?

Edit: never mind, I returned the devices.