Why Does My Network Still Run at 1Gbps After Configuring LAG?

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First, let's see how LAG Works. LAG (Link Aggregation) is a method of combining multiple physical ports into a single logical link. This setup is primarily used to increase the network's capacity to handle data traffic and improve reliability. A common misconception is that LAG increases the transmission speed of individual data flows, but it primarily enhances overall bandwidth.


Imagine a busy one-lane road, with cars representing data packets, all moving at the maximum speed limit (1Gbps). If this road is expanded into a two-lane highway, the speed limit for each car doesn't change; however, more cars can travel side by side. This is what LAG does for a network: it allows more data to flow concurrently, reducing congestion and improving overall throughput. Yet, each 'car' or data packet adheres to the 'speed limit' of the original single network cable.

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