Why does MFA website open on Windows, but not MacOS using SecuExtender client?

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I have setup an IKEv2 VPN on my FLEX 500, and using SecuExtender client latest versions from Zyxel website. When I connect to the VPN using SecuExtender on Windows 11, after connection, my browser opens so I can enter an MFA code.

On MacOS (latest version) on an M1 based Macbook Pro, when I connect to the VPN using latest SecuExtender client from Zyxel website, it does not open the MFA website automatically. I have to manually open my browser, click on a saved bookmark for the site, and then I can enter my MFA code. Is there a setting in MacOS that needs to be changed to allow this, or is this currently not supported?

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    @geometry dash 23 Download and install the latest version of SecuExtender for MacOS from the Zyxel website. If the latest version of SecuExtender does not work, you can try to download and install an older version of SecuExtender that supports 2FA on MacOS. Some users have suggested that version 1.2.1 works well with 2FA on MacOS.

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