USG60W wireless through put maxed at 30M

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Locally I have Spectrum Cable internet service.  I am paying for 200M.  While testing I only got 30M+- while on wireless clients.  However LAN clients get the full 200.  Where did I miss a setting?

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    Ned, I had the same problem with USG40w's.  I think the newer Access Points have better throughput than the early N series. Following.
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    Hi @Ncarbon,


    In our office with ISP 300Mbps, the wireless client (Windows 7) gets 90Mbps download speed on

    You can try to add a new SSID manually in “Expert Mode” to get a better throughput.


    Create a new SSID.

    Set lan2 as the outgoing interface instead of lan1.

    In current ZLD design, default bridged WLAN SSID to Ethernet lan1 and the packet are transmitted into bridges to check bridge table packet and decide to WLAN or Ethernet LAN. This decreases and effects on throughput as well.

    Go to CONFIGURATION > Wireless > AP Management > AP Group > default and add new created SSID in Radio 2 Setting.

    Go to CONFIGURATION > Object > AP Profile > default 2 and click "Show Advanced Settings".

    Enable the following settings.

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    no joy same speed.  5.8 is 30 megs and 2.4 is +-7megs
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    i've also a USG60W in production (dmz firewall) and a INAC Firewall in front of the USG.
    you get "up to 300 MBit" from your ISP without guaranty, else you require a MPLS connect with guaranty and availbility SLA from your ISP.
    Have you checked the MTU best sizie at your ISP ? any retransmissions in WLAN traffic or traffic to the ISP ? nromaly 1492 is set and some ISP's are useing lower MTU e.g. 1488.
    my usg has 6 SSID's in a capwap group and they are running perfectly depending by the ISP bandwith. Media sources are established with arroung 100-to 250 MBit WLAN bandwith and had no issue. Have you any load balancing configured / BWM ?

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