[Release Note] Nebula Switch 200 Series - Phase 6 firmware has been released!

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Zyxel Nebula Switch 200 Series 

Release Note

December, 2018

Firmware Version on all models
Zyxel NSW200-28P - V3.00(ABFL.0)C0

New Feature and Enhancements 
  1. Add Smart Fan feature.
  2. Add Port isolation feature.
  3. Add IGMP-Filtering, Querier, Leave mode feature.
  4. Add IPTV report.
  5. Switch Port detail page is enhanced to display IGMP counters.
  6. LLDP enhancement for PoE.
  7. Add speed/duplex in syslog while port link up.
  8. Encrypt administrator password on the local device.
Bug Fix 
  1. Fixed link up speed is 1G, but NCC shows 9589M.
  2. Fixed LLDP information from some other brand devices may cause the connectivity to NCC is unstable.
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