Wrong DHCP given from NWA1123ACv3

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I'm an IT technician for a town hall and I'm getting feedback from users that sometimes they're connected to WIFI but can't access to Internet.

We have installed two NWA1123ACv3 for several months now. Those feedback are fairly recent.

With a little more research, I realized that on one user's workstation affected by the problem, his wifi card was pulling up a network in, whereas we're in The DNS suffix is also strange, it's called "Zyxel.localhost" and we don't have such a network name.

Both wifi access points are integrated into Nebula. This problem can affect everyone at random.

These picture showed the wrong confirguration given from an unknow DHCP :

These picture showed the right configuration users should have :

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    Hi @Novazion

    When your PC received the unexpected IP (192.168.38.X/24) along with the correct one (192.168.1.X/24), was it connected to the same SSID or different SSIDs?

    To investigate further, please help us run the command netsh wlan show interfaces on the PC when it obtains both different IP subnets. This will display the SSID and BSSID as the below example, then please send the result via private message.

    Additionally, which uplink device are your APs connected to? And is it possible that the 192.168.38.X/24 subnet is part of your network setup?

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