USG20VPN with V5.37 wont't accept IPSEC VPN

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Hello everybody,

I updated my Firmware from 5.36 ABAQ1 to 5.37 ABAQ1. Since then I can't connect with my mobile equipment via IPSEC VPN anymore. Log always says Default Route is blocking inbound UDP500. The weird thing is, when I downgrade to 5.36 again, everything runs fine without any change of settings. Help is kindly requested.

Many THX in Advance


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    Is your USG20VPN behind another NAT router? as in it don't have the WAN IP?

    is this IKEv1 by L2TP over IPSec? do you have rules WAN to zywall and VPN zone to zywall

    VPN protocol 50 UDP 4500, 500 and 1701

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