Nebula switch PoE settings

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Nebula switch supports PoE setting on the port settings page for users to change this setting and reach their requirements. This post will instruct PoE settings on Nebula.

To enable or disable PoE on the selected ports.

PoE schedule:
Apply the PoE schedule profile to the selected ports. You may check this FAQ to set up a PoE schedule.

PoE priority:
The PoE priority setting on a switch determines which port should be used to provide power when the switch's power budget is reached. The priority order is Critical > Medium > Low. In case all ports have been set to low priority, the port with the lowest number will be disconnected first.

Power up mode:

This decides the switch to provide which power mode to the PD. Not all switch models have the same power up mode. The example model below is XS1930-12HP.

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