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i have two GS-1900-48 both with Vlan1 & Vlan4; both of them have a Trunk port which is in both Vlans, but I have only traffic i Vlan1. 
but both ports belong to Vlan1 (there is no way they belong to two)
what I'm doing wrong?

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  • Alfonso
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    Hi @Jacekr2

    Easy way to do it.

    Switch 1 port A (vlan1) connected to Switch 2 port B (vlan1)
    Switch 2 port C (vlan4) connected to Swtich 2 port D (vlan4)

    But I am sure that you want to do it with an unique cable.
    So you need 802.1q (Vlan tag) configuration.

    Guide to configure vlan tag:


    Best regards
  • Jacekr2
    Thank you for your response,
    I just want network traffic to take place over 1 cable.
  • Jacekr2
    two GS1900-48

    1-  Vlan1 1-35 UT, Vlan4 37-48 UT, Trunk 36 (port in Vlan1 UT, Vlan4 UT)

    2-  Vlan1 2-36 UT, Vlan4 37-48 UT, Trunk 2 (port in Vlan1 UT, Vlan4 UT)

    connected 36 - 2

    what is wrong
  • Jacekr2
    Zyxel_Jonas - you are great
    thanks a lot
    it works !!!!!!