How to use posting features and quote?

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On the posting page, you can customize the font and add picture or link in your threat, refer the introduction below to colorful your post, and these features are showed on the top menu bar.
  1. 5raa80v6z8ns.png: Use the different fonts in your post: Bold, Italic, and Strikethrough.

  2. 4mle1hwazk40.png: Use Ordered and Unordered list features to make a list.

  3. ihux4nucka8b.png: Use the different format for Quote, Code, and Spoiler.
    • If you want to quote someone's comment, you can click the "Quote" jlkw1qkl37a7.png under their comment to quote the cmment directly .

  4. gya1ceupokp9.png: You can use Emoji to express your emotion, insert Url, attach file and image to explain your question or discussion well.

  5. 8lyfa9r7fp4n.png: Align your words left, center, or right to make it easy to read.