[Hotfix] Throughput Issue Identified with Specific Network Cards on NWA50AX,NWA55AXE,NWA90AX

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Hotfix For:

We have recently been made aware of a throughput issue affecting our AP product. This issue specifically impacts the data reception (receive direction) performance and has been reported when using the following network cards:

  • Intel BE200
  • Intel AX210
  • Intel 211
  • Intel AX 201/411
  • MTK MT7992

It's important to note that the transmit direction is not affected, and this problem seems to be isolated to these particular models of network cards.

For users encountering lower throughput on the receive direction with these network cards, we have made a date code available for download. This update is aimed at addressing the compatibility and performance concerns.

If you are currently not experiencing any issues, we recommend continuing with your existing setup without any changes.

Affected Models:

  • NWA50AX
  • NWA90AX
  • NWA55AXE

Upgrade Steps:

Before you start to perform the date firmware upgrade, please go to Nebula web site, navigate to Nebula > Site-wide > Configure > Firmware management as Ignore upgrade firstly to prevent auto upgrade override the provided firmware.

Upgrade via ZON tool:

  1. Download and progress the installation of ZON tool.


2. Connect your laptop to the same network with your AP, then open ZON.exe.

3. Select the “settings” icon on the right side of the bar

And choose the network interface card which you’re using connect to your network.

4. Click the “Clear and rescan” button

Wait until the scan process is complete, you’ll be able to see your AP is listed in the table.

*Please ensure the laptop running ZON tool is connect to the same network with correct network interface card selected in settings to scan (Step 3.)

5. Select the AP which plan to upgrade the provided firmware, then click the “Firmware Upgrade” icon.

6. Select the “Local upgrade” option and click “Browse…” to upload the provided firmware. (.bin file), and fill in the password, then press “OK” button to proceed the upgrade.

*Note: If your device is being managed on Nebula, please go to Nebula web site, navigate to Nebula > Configure > Site setting > Device configuration to check your password

Additional upgrade method:

FTP upgrade

Local GUI (*Standalone mode only)

Hotfix Solution:




Noted: This version is based on 6.29P3 instead of 6.29P4, with the only difference being the optimization of WIZZARD, which does not affect functionality.

If you observed or met any other unexpected issues, please contact us.

We apologize for any inconvenience this has caused.