ugly bug in IPV6 config part of latest XMG1915-10E switch firmware?

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2 new XMG1915-10E, both with latest V4.80(ACGO.1) firmware, configured standalone:

(IP, DNS et al via DHCP and DHCPV6 active on VLAN 1, just one VLAN with ID 1)

on both, almost always when I try to ask for details of the IPV6 status of vlan 1

(System - IPV6 - IPV6 Status - click on the only VLAN with index 1)

the switch crashes and takes several minutes to come up and be usable again:

NO system: System cold start
IN system: Image 2 F/W version V4.80(ACGO.1) | 08/31/2023 boot up
AL system: System has reset without management command

otherwise switch works fine with IPV6

PS: one more info about the config:

IPV6 config data (DNS, IA_PD, and IA_NA) comes from fritzbox (DHCP rapid commit set),

switches are set as DHCP6 clients with IA_NA, rapid commit, DNS and Domains enabled

Anybody else with this ugly problem?

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    The issue you're experiencing will be addressed in the upcoming firmware update. Please stay tuned for further announcements regarding enhancements and fixes.


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