Logs not displaying after firmware update on ZyWall ATP200


I'm encountering an issue with one of our ZyWall ATP200 units and seeking insights or resolutions from anyone who might have experienced something similar.

Three months ago, we auto-updated to the latest firmware version (5.37 ABFW.1), and since then, the logs under Monitor > Log have ceased to update on this specific device. The last log entry displays "ATP200 is configured successfully with startup configuration file," which coincides with the last reboot following the firmware update 3 months ago. This issue is isolated to just one of our two ATP200 units, with the other functioning as expected.

Key points:
- We first noticed the problem immediately after the firmware update.
- No new logs are being generated post-reboot; the log is essentially paused.
- Log filtering options have been checked and confirmed not to be the issue.

Has anyone faced a similar issue, or does anyone have any troubleshooting tips or solutions to suggest? Any advice on how to restore log functionality would be greatly appreciated.

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  • PeterUK
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    Maybe backup the config and do a reset

  • techsupport

    Even after a backup and restore, the problem persists. I have verified by sending the logs to a remote server that the logs are being collected, just not displayed on that page.

  • Mario
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    Hi @techsupport

    I had a similar problem after a FW Upgrade.
    On my System was a change on the Log Settings, maybe this helps you.

  • Zyxel_Cooldia
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    Hi @techsupport,

    Can you send me your device web gui access in PM for further checking?

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