How to Reset Switch ES3500-24

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Bad experience for Es3500-24 
I have ES3500-24 switch I forgot this ip, I also do scan through ZON utility but not discover, now i want reset this switch.

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    Hi @ankych,

    Welcome to Zyxel Community!

    ZON could only scan Zyxel devices within the same broadcast domain or directly connecting the PC (with ZON utility) to the Zyxel switch.
    And for ES3500-24 the starting firmware compatible with ZON utility is AABR.5 and up.
    Please download and upload the latest firmware in this link after recovering the switch IP.

    For the current situation, you'll be needing an R232 cable to display the IP.

    R232 cable:

    After connecting an R232 cable, terminal software is needed then please input the following command:
    Terminal software: Eg. putty, teraterm, etc....

    Command line:

    1. ES3500# show ip  ---> To display all IP with specifying VLAN.

    Just in case that if the password is lost and need to reset the switch to the factory default configuration, please refer to this link for the procedure.

    Hope it helps.


  • @Zyxel_Jason

    after upgrade this switch latest firmware, while upgrading wait around 6-8 minutes
    then power on off, after this don't any access from switch and all port not work....
  • JonasTan
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    Hi @ankych,

    First, I would like to clarify that you've successfully retrieved the IP address of ES3500-24, right?
    And you used web GUI to upgrade to latest firmware.

    Based on the description, all consoles cannot be accessed from switch including via console cable(r232)?

    If yes, please help to check SYS led status, is the led blinking or fixed green light?
    If the SYS led keeps on blinking, it means that the switch cannot boot up properly.
    You may need to refer to this link and re-upload the .rom & .bin file.
    After uploading the .rom file, next is to input the "atur" command to upload .bin file.
    Then input "atgo" command to continuous booting up the switch and verify if it is resolved.

    Hope it helps.