[2024 February Tips & Tricks] How to connect to Nebula firewall's local web management interface?

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All functions of the cloud firewall are maintained from Nebula, but if you need to debug or configure the WAN, you may still need to connect to the local web management interface.

The cloud firewall can log in to the web management interface through the internal network (LAN).

In the example, the IP address of the “lan1” interface is is under LAN Group 1.

Step 1 - Confirm whether the computer is connected to LAN Group 1

Navigate to Configure > Firewall > Ports, check the ports assigned to the lan1 interface, and ensure that the PC is connected to the ports in LAN Group 1.

Step 2 - Check your computer IP address

Confirm whether the computer has obtained the same network segment as lan1 interface and whether the IPv4 gateway is

Step 3 - Open your browser and enter the firewall IP address(IPv4 gateway IP). Enter directly in the address bar and press Enter.

Select Network Test Tools

Step 4 - Enter the password

Please check the password at the site where the firewall is registered, go to Site Configure> Site Settings > Local credentials

Copy your site password and paste it into the firewall to log in (the password is different for each site)

There is no need to change the account, just use the default value “support”.