USG60W Firmware update issue


My USG60W Firewall has following firmware:

Standby V4.62 2021-01-19

Running V4.65 2021-08-09

There is newest update 4.73 2023-05-24

BUT, i can't upgrade it, i have tried cloud version and manually downloaded firmware, unzipped it and tried manually.

It loads the file, but after that nothing happens, it just keeps running the clock over 25 mins was the longest time i waited. Same thing happens both ways, from cloud and from file.

I looked help and somewhere was said that those need to be the same before i can upgrade, so i looked for V4.65 and tried to upgrade standby version, but again same result.

It loads, but after that only the clock keeps running…

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    backup config do a reset and update firmware manually then load your config with "Ignore errors and finish applying the configuration file"

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