NebulaFlex Switch XGS2220 Series - V4.80 Patch 3 Firmware Release

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Zyxel Switch XGS2220 Series Release Note 

February 2024

Firmware Version on all models

(Click Hyperlink to download the firmware directly)

Zyxel XGS2220-30 - 4.80(ABXN.3)C0

Zyxel XGS2220-30HP - 4.80(ABXO.3)C0

Zyxel XGS2220-30F - 4.80(ABYE.3)C0

Zyxel XGS2220-54 - 4.80(ABXP.3)C0

Zyxel XGS2220-54HP - 4.80(ABXQ.3)C0

Zyxel XGS2220-54FP - 4.80(ACCE.3)C0

New Feature and Enhancements

1. [Stacking] Support the ability to choose 2-port or 4-port stacking. 

* The switch cannot convert between 2-port and 4-port stacking mode. It needs to return to standalone mode for proper setup.

2. [Standalone][Nebula] Enhance security by removing unused DSA/RSA private keys.

Bug Fix

C=Cloud mode, S=Standalone mode

Bug fixCS
1. [eITS#230801444][eITS#240101112] Fixed switch stacking disconnection issue due to firmware version conflict.-V
2. [eITS#230801140] Fix the crash when enable IPv6 and receiving an IPv6 NA packet.-V
3. [eITS#230801089] Fixed crash issue when receiving jumbo multicast packet.VV
4. Fixed switch crash issue caused by receiving LLDP packets with over chassis ID lengths.VV
5. [eITS#230500705][eITS#230901020] Switch sometime disconnect with NCC when DNS requery find server IP has changed.V-
6. [eITS#231001888] Fixed fail to add policy rule issue when binding the second classifier containing the same socket range as the first one.-V
7. [eITS#240100009] Fixed memory leak issue causing packet switching failure when the switch configures a non-existent IPv6 gateway and receives numerous unknown IPv6 packets.-V
8. [eits#230900578] Fixed issue where the device responded with ICMPv6 redirect packets upon receiving unknown ICMPv6 NS.VV

Please refer to the Download Link for more details.

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