Important Reminder for your Content Filter Service

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At Zyxel, we are committed to providing you with the most advanced and secure services possible. In line with this commitment, we continuously enhance our Content Filter service to ensure top-notch security detection from Trellix.

To ensure your service running stable and efficiently, please upgrade firmware to the latest version. (ATP/USG FLEX/VPN series: ZLD5.32, ZyWALL/USG series: ZLD4.73) If you don’t upgrade within time, the service level might be affected after 1, August 2024.

How to Upgrade:

1.Login to your device by WebGUI first, and then login to Web Console.

2. Go to Maintenance > File Manager > Firmware Management

(1) Click "Check Now" to check the latest firmware

(2) Click the "upgrade icon"

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