Replacing USG40 UTM by USG60 UTM

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I have a network speed drop (250/40 (provider) to 100/40 with UTM functions) with my USG40. If I replace the USG40 by an USG60, will this improve my network speed? Can I import the USG40 settings into a new USG60?
What is the difference between an USG60 and an USG60 UTM?

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    Dear Peter

    Yes of course , how bigger the model, how more throughput it has.
    See below.. Important is to read it correctly 
    Firewall throughput means you did not enable any services like ADP, IDP, AV, 
    UTM throughput means you are using Anti Virus and IDP ACTIVE

    Difference between the UTM and normal devices is that the UTM devices come with bundle licenses to use the  full experience of the firewall. As on the normal devices each additional service like Anti virus has to be separately sold.

    Also the config cannot be imported easily as the 2 model have different interfaces or not the same interfaces.. otherwise this would be easily imported ..

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