NebulaFlex Switch GS1350 Series - V4.90 Patch 1 Firmware Release

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Zyxel Switch GS1350 Series Release Note 

March 2024

Firmware Version on all models

(Click Hyperlink to download the firmware directly)

Zyxel GS1350-6HP - V4.90(ABPI.1)C0

Zyxel GS1350-12HP - V4.90(ABPJ.1)C0

Zyxel GS1350-18HP - V4.90(ABPK.1)C0

Zyxel GS1350-26HP - V4.90(ABPL.1)C0

New Feature and Enhancements

1. [Standalone] Supports auto STP path cost which will determine path cost by the port's current link speed. 

2. [Standalone] Supports “Account Security” option on WEB GUI to encrypt admin/user account passwords and options to display user/AAA/SNMP credentials 

3. [Standalone] NCC discovery adds reminder to save configurations. 

4. [Standalone] Extend RADIUS server support range from IPv4 to IPv6. 

5. [Standalone] Enhance security by forcing users to change the password after first login. 

6. [Standalone] Enhance Auto PD recovery with a ping test button to verify connectivity. 

7. [Standalone] Enable Nebula Control Center Discovery by default setting. 

8. [Standalone] Add option 82 profile name in DHCP relay VLAN setting table 

9. [Standalone] Add note on cable diagnostics to inform the operating limits for local webgui. 

10. [Standalone][Nebula] The year of Time Range page starts with current system time. 

11. [Standalone][Nebula] The admin account can be changed, providing flexibility and security to the network management system. 

12. [Standalone][Nebula] Support user uses “” directly to access local web GUI. 

13. [Standalone][Nebula] Support public key authentication for SSH. 

14. [Standalone][Nebula] Support logs to indicate the cause of CPU high. 

15. [Standalone][Nebula] Strengthen user security with the encryption of Radius shared secret. 

16. [Standalone][Nebula] Strengthen security for network management with built-in notification in case of abnormal login attempt. 

17. [Standalone][Nebula] Renovate Web GUI layout for better usability of Switch management. 

18. [Standalone][Nebula] Remote management offers support for IPv6. 

19. [Standalone][Nebula] Log information for IP conflict between Switch and gateway both obtain the same IP address. 

20. [Standalone][Nebula] Intuitive Cloud connection status with help message. 

21. [Standalone][Nebula] Improve Dashboard's port link speed color display to enhance user experience and intuitiveness. 

22. [Standalone][Nebula] The login page will automatically redirect from HTTP to HTTPS to enhance network security. 

23. [Standalone][Nebula] Enhance security by supporting the ECDSA algorithm in SSH. 

24. [Standalone][Nebula] Disable Telnet feature by default setting 

25. [Standalone][Nebula] Allow SSH and CLI commands to be combined and display the command result directly. 

26. [Standalone][Nebula] Adding the Port Setup link when clicking switch port icon on the dashboard. 

27. [Nebula] Unlock local Web GUI for cloud mode. 

28. [Nebula] Unlock CLI to support full configuration in cloud mode. 

29. [Nebula] The interval time of Loop guard err-disable recovery can be configured now. 

30. [Nebula] Support Hardware monitor (CPU/Memory/Temperature). 

31. [Nebula] Support DHCP relay and added DHCP option 82 for DHCP relay. 

32. [Nebula] Support auto configuration recovery on Nebula to prevent loss connection with NCC by misconfiguration. 

33. [Nebula] Provide the Nebula password reminder on login page of web GUI.  

34. [Nebula] Nebula Switch supports SSH connection to access command line for advanced features. 

Bug Fix

C=Cloud mode, S=Standalone mode

Bug fixCS
1. [eITS#230800182] Fixed open source packages related vulnerabilities. [CVE-2016-0799][CVE-2016-2177] [CVE-2016-2182][CVE-2016-2842] [CVE-2016-0797][CVE-2016-2105] [CVE-2016-2106][CVE-2016-2109] [CVE-2021-23840][CVE-2021-3712] [CVE-2016-6306][CVE-2017-3735] [CVE-2017-3737][CVE-2018-0739] [CVE-2019-1547][CVE-2021-23841] [CVE-2016-0701][CVE-2019-1563]VV
2. Fixed time range not work in v4.90 patch 0.-V
3. [eITS#231201249] Fixed configure DHCPv6 client may cause switch crash-V
4. [eITS#240200888] Switch crashes because the length of assigned IPv6 address is too long-V
5. [eITS#220900092] Fixed OpenSSH related vulnerabilities. [CVE-2010-5107][CVE- 2015-5600][CVE-2016-6515].VV
6. [eITS#221101240] Fix recording syslog may cause memory leak.VV
7. [eITS#221101132] After restoring config via SFTP may cause fail due to syntax error.VV
8. [eITS#221201201] Getting logging information that contains special characters causes switch hang.VV
9. [eITS#230301330] Fixed failing to import certificate while the file size is over 5k.-V
10. [eITS#230400140] Fixed switch crashed issues that is caused by Nessus version 10.5.1 to scan SSH.VV
11. [eITS#230500677] Fixed timer unexpected goes slowly after lots of STP topology change occur.VV
12. [eITS#230500705][eITS#230901020] Switch sometime disconnect with NCC when DNS requery find server IP has changed.V-
13. [eITS#230700521] Fix crash issue which V receiving an unexpected format DHCP V packet when device enable DHCP snooping.V-
14. [eITS#230801140] Fix the crash when enable IPv6 and receiving an IPv6 NA packet.-V
15. [eITS#231001905] After switch crash, switch cannot successfully reboot.VV
16. [eITS#221200596] Fixed the issue where the switch fails to process NTP packets, causing incorrect timing and not being able to show device status on NCC.V-

Please refer to the Download Link for more details.

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