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I have a USG60W and trying to configure an IPSEC tunnel that requires NAT Traversal. I do not see this option on the screen to configure IPSEC. This option is available when using IKEv1. Is NAT-T possible to configure when using IKEv2 on a USG60W?

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    I think its just part of IKEv2 to do NAT Traversal in order for it to works if both ends source port must be fixed by a CGNAT if both ends are behind CGNAT and can't allow incoming.

    So it be like this

    USG60W <> ISP CGNAT <--> ISP CGNAT <> other USG

    The here it the way NAT Traversal works both 500 and 4500 both ends nailed up

    USG60W > > CGNAT > CGNAT > other USG

    which the othe USG does the same

    other USG > > CGNAT > CGNAT > USG60W

    Then it Traversal

    But if one end allows incoming you just need the other to be nailed up

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