Remodeling Network Infrastructure at Vietnamese Footwear Mold Factory

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Jiang Men Technology Co., Ltd



When Jiang Men Technology established its factory, it faced significant problems and challenges with its network environment. With a multitude of computers and devices connected via improperly installed lines, the network’s performance was severely hindered. Following a site survey, it was discovered that the network switches lacked management capabilities and VLAN configurations. Determined to overcome these hurdles, the company quickly took action. Out with the old, in with the new – Zyxel’s smart managed switches became the backbone of its new network infrastructure. But it didn’t stop there.
With strategic implementation of VLANs, it not only tackled the challenges head-on but also significantly improved network reliability.


Initially, the factory encountered considerable difficulties within its network environment, characterized by sluggish connections and frequent disruptions. These challenges stemmed primarily from the utilization of numerous unmanaged switches lacking VLAN configurations. Compounded by the presence of improperly installed lines, a plethora of computers and devices experienced instability, significantly impeding the network's operational efficiency.


Due to the large number of computers and connectivity devices within the factory, the root causes of network issues couldn’t be immediately identified. To address the factory’s network issues, Jiang Men replaced all existing switches with Zyxel’s smart managed switches, and VLAN segmentation was implemented to avoid excessive packet collision problems. The installation facilitates VLAN segmentation and enhances network control. 


After the new network was in place, the switch interface found that the majority of these issues stemmed from non-standard installations by the network cabling contractors, involving improper network sockets and distribution frames. After fixing these installation errors, the factory’s network problems were solved, and overall network performance and reliability were significantly enhanced. With Zyxel’s smart managed switches, the IT staff no longer needs to worry about complex network management or frequent network issues. These switches simplify network management and offer high visibility of network equipment throughout the factory, thus easing the workload for network management. 


  • Overcoming slow and interrupted connections 
  • Enhanced network monitoring capabilities through effective VLAN segmentation and network control

Products used

GS1920-24/48 Smart Managed Switch

GS1900-8/16 Smart Managed Switch

XGS4526 L3 Switch

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