USG FLEX 50 (USG20-VPN) 5.37 (ABAQ.2) C0

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I downloaded USG FLEX 50 (USG20-VPN) 5.37 (ABAQ.2) C0, but checksum on the page ( did not match the file I received.

Checksum MD5 from page: EB9560A4C3B912125979A4A12E3B6076

Checksum MD5 from downloaded file ( 8973E2B391B3E49F9DFEBF444BA2A6C3.

Checksum from page is correct?

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    I guess you can get the correct md5 within "bin" file rather than zip file.

  • Vladus
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    I tried.

    I used PowerShell with "Get-FileHash"

    Algorithm : MD5
    Hash : 6E8AA6D8D7FC6EDCD72C45C5C1EFD229
    Path : D:\firmware\537ABAQ2C0.bin

    Didn't match

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