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I configure my Zywall 110 with SSL VPN. But I can't connect with another user.¿How configure my public IP? I connect my ZyWall 110 with LAN, but I can't connect with Internet. I use Secu Extender.

I see this video but in my situation, I can't connect.

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    Hi @EliseoVM,

    You can check the following settings on your ZyWALL 110.

    1. The SSL VPN pool cannot conflict with any WAN/LAN/DMZ/VLAN interface even if they are not in use.
    2. The SSL VPN pool cannot conflict with Network Extension Local IP.
      What does "Network Extension Local IP" mean?
    3. If SSL VPN server port is not the default port 443, you need to allow the SSL VPN port from WAN to ZyWALL in the security policy rule.
    4. Check if ZyWALL 110 is the latest firmware version 4.73 patch 2.

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    1. It's correct, in SSL VPN pool not conflict with my interface.

    2. The SSL VPN not conflic with my Network Extension Local IP. It's defaul my IP. (

    3. My port defaul in my global setting is 443.

    4. My last version is 4.73

    Actualy, reset my zywall 110 because I can't connect with a client.

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