factory reset won't work on xgs1930

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i try to do a factory reset on a xgs1930 52hp, i follow the user guide but it won't work.
what can i do? i try to push the restore button during more than 10 sec but nothing...
i can't access the administrion page.

thanks in advance

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    Hello, I think you can connect a PC and use ZON utility to discover your switch, at the same time you can also verify if the switch is normally boot up. If ZON failed to discover the switch. I suggest to refer the userguide and check the sys led status.

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    Hi @sebastien_p,

    Welcome to Zyxel Community!

    Based on your description, please help to verify that after pressing more than 10 secs. the switch will reboot. Then is the switch SYS led light is fixed green after a while? or the LED is always blinking?

    If the SYS led is fix green, it means that the switch is successfully booted up.
    Zyxel switch default setting is DHCP client after resetting it.
    If there is a DHCP server in the environment, the switch management IP will according to the DHCP pool and will not be
    Kindly go to this link and download the ZON utility to discover the IP of your switch.

    If the SYS led is always blinking, it means that the switch cannot boot up properly.
    And please contact the reseller and they will support for RMA process.

    Hope it helps.