Enhancing Network Efficiency and Security at Furniture Factory

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Home Voyage Inc.



Home Voyage, a Vietnamese furniture manufacturer, has faced challenges with its network infrastructure since the establishment of its factory. Following the integration of a new ERP system in 2020, the company identified the need for network improvement. After a comprehensive overhaul of the factory’s network infrastructure with Zyxel’s solution, Home Voyage has streamlined its network management. Additionally, it now enjoys a more secure and efficiently managed network.


The network equipment is crucial for the smooth operation of the modern factory. With a large number of computers and connected devices, especially after the introduction of a new ERP system, the factory increased reliance on network equipment.
However, since its establishment, the factory has been plagued by unusually slow network connection speeds and frequent disconnections. Upon site inspection, it was discovered that all switches were unmanaged and lacked VLAN configurations. Following an assessment of the network environment, it was recommended to replace the switches with managed ones and implement VLAN segmentation to mitigate excessive packet collision issues.


Zyxel’s managed switches were adopted to replace all of its switch devices throughout the factory, including the XGS2210 series L3 access switches, GS2220 series L2+ managed switches, as well as GS1920 series and GS1900 series smart managed switches, for VLAN segmentation and network control. Additionally, to strengthen cyber defense against network threats, Home Voyage also installed the ATP500 firewall, supporting cloud intelligence service to provide advanced cybersecurity protection, especially against unknown cybersecurity threats.


After the network upgrade, network efficiency has notably improved. Through network status monitoring via the managed switches, network administrators can promptly detect and address network issues, ensuring smooth operations. Moreover, the upgraded equipment significantly boosts network speed and performance, while also streamlining network management for administrators.This allows the factory to concentrate on production and technological advancements without being weighed down by network-related issues.
  • Enhanced network connection speed and stability
  • Centralized network management facilitates quick detection and resolution of network issues, ensuring effective network management

Product List

XGS2210-28 Layer 3 Access Switch

GS2220-10/28 L2+ Managed Switch

GS1920-24 Smart Managed Switch

GS1900-8/16 Smart Managed Switch

ATP500 Firewall

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