[Release Note] Nebula Access Point Series - Phase 6 firmware has been released!

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Zyxel Nebula Access Point Series 

Release Note

January, 2019

Firmware Version on all models

Zyxel NAP102 - V5.46 (ABDF.0)C0
Zyxel NAP203 - V5.46 (ABFA.0)C0
Zyxel NAP303 - V5.46 (ABEX.0)C0
Zyxel NAP353 - V5.46 (ABEY.0)C0
Zyxel NWA1123-ACv2 - V5.46 (ABEL.0)C0
Zyxel NWA1123-AC PRO - V5.46 (ABHD.0)C0
Zyxel NWA1123-AC HD - V5.46 (ABIN.0)C0
Zyxel NWA1302-AC - V5.46 (ABKU.0)C0
Zyxel NWA5123-AC HD - V5.46 (ABIM.0)C0
Zyxel WAC6303D-S - V5.46 (ABGL.0)C0

New Feature and Enhancements

  1. NWA5123-AC HD and WAC6303D-S 802.11ac wave2 APs now support triple mode with 3 years Professional Pack license bundled, NebulaFlex ProTM, to be Nebula Control Center managed apart from previous standalone and hardware controller managed.
  2. DCS channel deployment setting now provides manual option for users to select their own channel list.
  3. Support "Allow 802.11ac/n stations only" so that it can avoid wireless association from legacy 802.11 a/b/g clients.
  4. Live tool Ping/Traceroute is enhanced. AP can now handle timeout cases of ping and traceroute.
  5. Click-to-continue behavior is enhanced to no longer check NCAS status, so that it won’t be stopped even when NCAS is unreachable.
  6. NCAS disconnection behavior is enhanced, so that clients will still get IP address even when it is configured to Limited.
  7. Add more syslog events (download, verify, update) when performing AP firmware upgrade from NCC.
  8. Log enhancement for trouble shooting.

Bug Fixes 

  1. Authentication may fail if hits around 600 fail counts due to authentication daemon don’t work properly.
  2. When login user more than 512 records, wireless client needs to constantly do captive portal login while roaming to others AP.
  3. When SSID name has <space>, SSID name will be incorrect after SSID schedule re-enables SSID.
  4. Click-to-continue captive portal username in running configuration will be missing when firmware upgrade from factory new device (v1.00b5) to 5.35.
  5. Captive portal with SSID VLAN different from management VLAN will cause portal not able to load.
  6. Unknown users were shown in NCC when customer used click-to-continue on captive portal.
  7. Band select may not work properly. 
  8. When the Smart Mesh is disabled, there’s hidden SSID (mesh SSID) still broadcast. 
  9. When Ethernet uplink disconnected on smart Mesh supported APs, it may trigger smart mesh and cause service SSID not broadcasting.
  10. While station associate or roaming to an AP, band select logs will display incorrect AP MAC address.
  11. When using ping live tool on NCC, it displays heavy ping loss but AP’s console shows latency is 0.0ms.
  12. The Nebula topology is different from the previous topology. The third-party router has disappeared.
  13. The AP keeps using DCS function if AP’s Ethernet uplink status change while the smart mesh starting.

  1. NWA1123-AC HD, NWA1302-AC, NWA5123-AC HD, and WAC6303D-S do not support Smart Mesh in the current release
  2. To all users when upgrading Nebula devices, please make sure your device is connected to the control center and internet.
  3. During the upgrade process (notice the LED will flash in red rapidly), make sure the power is not inturruped or disabled, in the unlikely event of this happening, you may have to perform the upgrade again.

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    Where do I find firmware upgrade for my NAP 102? I have a problem to connect my Apple Ipad to NAP 102 and I would try to upgrade the firmware because on my Ipad is everything ok. Can you help me?

  • ivers
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    You can upgrade it in Site-wide>General setting and roll down to the bottom find Firmware upgrades~

  • roda
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    I'll try. Thank you ;-)