How do I configure IGMP Snooping on my GS1200 web managed switch?

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Imagine a network like a set of mailboxes at an apartment complex. Without IGMP Snooping, the mail carrier puts a copy of a specific flyer into every single mailbox, whether the resident is interested or not. This means some people get mail they don't want, which is a waste of paper.

With IGMP Snooping enabled on a Zyxel switch, it's like the mail carrier checks a list to see who wants the flyer before delivery. If only one resident signs up for it, then only their mailbox gets the flyer, leaving everyone else's mailbox free for mail they do want. This makes sure the network isn't clogged up with unnecessary data, and everyone gets exactly what they asked for, no more and no less.

Configuration Steps:

  1. Click on the 'IGMP Snooping' tab in the navigation panel.
  2. Check the 'Enable IGMP Snooping' box to activate IGMP Snooping on the switch.
  3. Configure the 'IGMP Static Router Port':
    • If you have a dedicated IGMP querier or multicast router, select the port connected to it in the dropdown menu.
    • If not, you can select 'Auto' to allow any port to be used as an IGMP router port after receiving an IGMP query.
  4. Configure the 'Unknown Multicast Drop':
    • Check this box if you want the switch to discard multicast frames that do not match any known multicast group in the IGMP Snooping table. Otherwise, the Switch sends the frame to all ports
  5. Click 'Apply' to save the changes.


  • Be aware that when Link Aggregation is enabled, the ports in a Link Aggregation group cannot be set as 'IGMP Static Router Port'.

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