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I was checking out the NWA130BE specs and I'd like some confermation on the uplinks options. There are two NBASE 2.5G ports, with one also being able to power the device, but I don't see any mention of link aggregation, which should be mandatory to provide enough bandwidth to each radio given that the 6Ghz radio alone requires 5gigabits of traffic. Can someone confirm if the access point supports teaming or not?


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    testing AP since 2 days. There is no option to activate teaming.

    But i think 2,5Gb LAN is enough for max. 11Gb WLAN traffic….



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    Hi @matteosaitta,

    The NWA130BE access point indeed has two 2.5G ports, one for uplink and one for end device. However, it does not support uplink aggregation. Given that the NWA130BE is designed as a 2x2 antenna access point, a single 2.5G uplink port should be sufficient to handle the typical scenarios, including the 6GHz radio operations. Generally, the actual wireless throughput experienced is less than the maximum theoretical transmission rate, making the single 2.5G port capable of adequately supporting the device's needs.

    You may reference more detailed information in the comment below:

    Zyxel Melen