[2024 March Spotlight] Is Your Network Prepared for WiFi 7?

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WiFi 7, also known as IEEE 802.11be, is the next-generation WiFi standard. With its revolutionary technological advancements, it promises to be the fastest WiFi ever, delivering unprecedented speeds to enhance online experiences in the digital world. However, WiFi 7, like any new technologies, may introduce its own set of security challenges and issues.

Some potential security concerns with the adoption of WiFi 7 could include:

Device Compatibility: Older devices may not support the advanced security features of WiFi 7, creating potential weak points in the network where attackers could gain access.

Increased Attack Surface: With the introduction of new features and capabilities, there may be an expanded attack surface for hackers to exploit, potentially leading to new types of attacks.

Interference and Jamming: With the higher frequencies and increased bandwidth of WiFi 7, there could be new opportunities for attackers to disrupt wireless communications through interference or jamming attacks.

Authentication Issues: New authentication mechanisms in WiFi 7 may introduce vulnerabilities if not properly implemented or if default settings are not changed.

Privacy Concerns: As WiFi 7 may enable faster and more pervasive connectivity, there could be increased concerns about user privacy and data protection, especially if proper security measures are not implemented.

WiFi 7 can expand an organization’s attack surface and the challenge is that most legacy security solutions already struggle to provide the inspection and enforcement that current access points require.

Zyxel stands out among vendors by offering security solutions capable of facilitating zero-trust connectivity. In addition to the support of the latest WPA3 standard, Zyxel offers robust firewalls and a range of wireless security add-on features like CDR, Secure WiFi, CNP, DPPSK, and advanced authentication to ensure the safety of both your employees and guests networks.

These security features work together to create a robust and protected environment for your network, offering peace of mind and maintaining the integrity of your data and systems, all at an affordable price point. This provides a complete network infrastructure solution and delivers incredible speeds with WiFi 7.