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Hi fellows,

We’re excited to tell you that your WAC6303D-S and NWA5123-AC HD get a free ticket to Nebula! Now you only need to upgrade latest firmware supporting NebulaFlex Pro and register your AP on Nebula, then you can manage your AP from Nebula control center. Plus, from the first time the AP been register on cloud, you can enjoy full advanced features, such as topology, configuration site based settings sync and more upcoming for 3 years.

And if you can’t  fit in cloud, you have full flexibility to change your AP back to controller-managed or standalone without any additional cost.

Download latest firmware supporting NebulaFlex Pro:

l   WAC6303D-S: https://www.zyxel.com/support/download_landing/product/wac6303d_s_13.shtml?c=gb&l=en&pid=20160808120001&tab=Firmware&pname=WAC6303D-S

l   NWA5123-AC HD:  https://www.zyxel.com/support/download_landing/product/nwa5123_ac_hd_13.shtml?c=gb&l=en&pid=20170106200002&tab=Firmware&pname=NWA5123-AC%20HD

Leave comment below if any question about NebulaFlex Pro