How do I configure Port Isolation on a Zyxel GS1200 series switch?

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Imagine you have a group of computers in an office that all connect to the same network switch. You want each computer to access the internet or a central server but not to interact with each other for privacy or security reasons. Port Isolation is perfect for this situation. It's like giving each computer its own private lane on a highway to the server or internet, without the ability to detour to other computers’ lanes.


  1. Navigate to the 'Port' tab > select 'Advanced Settings'
  2. At 'Port Isolation' section > 'The Current Port as Uplink Port', select the port you wish to designate as the uplink port from the dropdown.
  3. Apply the settings


  • When Port Isolation is enabled, devices connected to isolated ports cannot communicate directly with each other and can only communicate through the designated uplink port.
  • Port Isolation settings cannot be applied to ports that are part of a Link Aggregation Group.
  • Always verify your network's requirements before enabling Port Isolation, as this will significantly change the behavior of your network traffic.

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