Enhance the L2 isolation


I would like to suggest an enhancement to the L2 isolation feature.

Current implementation allows one to see the devices on the same local network(if you use a scanning tool on windows such as as Angry IP scanner, nmap on Linux or network tools on an Android/iOS device).

I am aware that L2 isolation does not allow traffic to the devices on the LAN where L2 isolation is enabled.
But still you are able to see the MAC addresses/ and assigned IP addresses of the devices on the subnet where L2 isolation is enabled which I do not like.

Would Zyxel be interested in enhancing the L2 feature on current devices so that device performing LAN scan does not see anything on that subnet. In other words scanning the subnet returns nothing, device that performs scanning should believe that it alone in the subnet.

I do sincerely believe that this enhancement would enhance the security on Zyxel AP.

Kind regards

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    Hi @dukisha016,

    Thank you for your input. We will evaluate this feature enhancement request and closely monitor the votes and comments as part of our evaluation process.

    If any users support this idea, please express your opinion by leaving a comment or voting for it. Your feedback is vital to our decision-making process.

    Zyxel Melen