How Do I Configure Broadcast Storm Control on a Zyxel GS1200 Series Switch?

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In a busy network, devices can send out a large number of broadcast packets simultaneously. This can overwhelm the network, causing a 'broadcast storm,' which may lead to network slowdowns or even a complete halt in traffic.

Broadcast Storm Control is a feature that helps prevent this by setting a limit on the number of broadcast packets a port can send per second. Once this limit is exceeded, additional broadcast packets are discarded, stabilizing the network.


  1. Navigate to the 'Port' tab, and you'll find Storm Control settings within.
  2. Check the 'Enable' box under Broadcast Storm Control to activate the feature.
  3. Specify the maximum number of broadcast packets per second (pps) that each port is allowed to send. You can adjust this limit according to the needs of your network. For instance, setting the threshold to 1000 pps means that the switch will begin discarding packets once the rate exceeds 1000 pps.
  4. Click on the 'Apply' button to save your settings.


  • It's important to set a broadcast limit that reflects your network's size and traffic levels—setting it too low may block legitimate traffic, while too high may not effectively prevent broadcast storms.

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