Kurukshetra University Triumphs over Connectivity Challenges with Zyxel Solutions

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Kurukshetra University



Kurukshetra University in Haryana, India, faced WiFi connectivity issues on its sprawling campus. To address this, it partnered with Zyxel Networks. Deploying WAC6103D-I access points for indoor coverage and NWA55AXE outdoor access points to bridge buildings, the university achieved reliable, high-speed connectivity. Managed via Nebula, this cloud solution greatly enhanced network stability and performance, providing a high level of success for the institution.


Kurukshetra University had a bit of a pickle on its hands – its WiFi was acting up all over its huge 400-acre campus. It needed a fix that wouldn’t break the bank but could still get the job done pronto. The school’s local vendor suggested Zyxel Networks’ solution, but getting it set up across the campus wasn’t exactly a walk in the park. Figuring out where to place all those access points and getting the hang of the new cloud-managed system might not be easy, and it required ensuring that the new network could keep up with its growing needs.


To tackle the WiFi connectivity challenges at Kurukshetra University, a comprehensive solution was implemented leveraging Zyxel Networks’ wireless technology. The approach involved strategically deploying WAC6103D-I access points across multiple floors to ensure reliable and high-speed connectivity throughout the campus. Additionally, NWA55AXE outdoor access points were installed on exterior walls to seamlessly bridge connectivity between buildings.

A pivotal aspect of the solution was the adoption of Zyxel’s Nebula solution. This allowed the university's IT team to efficiently oversee the entire network from a centralized point. With this cloud networking management platform, administrators could easily monitor, configure, and troubleshoot network devices, enhancing operational efficiency and simplifying management tasks.

Moreover, Zyxel’s reputation for delivering high-performance and cost-effective solutions ensured that the deployed infrastructure met the university’s immediate needs while also offering scalability for future growth. By opting for a locally supported solution, Kurukshetra University could rely on prompt assistance and expertise for timely resolution of any network-related issues.


In conclusion, Zyxel Networks’ wireless solution has effectively addressed Kurukshetra University’s WiFi connectivity challenges, providing a scalable, high-performance, and locally supported infrastructure.

The successful deployment underscores Zyxel’s commitment to delivering innovative networking solutions tailored to the needs of educational institutions, ultimately enriching the learning and working experience.

  • Uninterrupted wireless connectivity across the campus
  • Centralized cloud network management ensures streamlined and efficient device supervision
  • Ultra-fast wireless solution at a reasonable cost

Products used

WAC6103D-I 802.11ac Access point

NWA55AXE Outdoor WiFi 6 Access Point

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