What's IGMP Proxy

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Your IGMP sender/receiver located on different subnets. To communate each other, you have to allow IGMP routing


IGMP routing, or more accurately, multicast routing, is necessary to efficiently manage multicast traffic across multiple network segments or VLANs.

Internet Group Management Protocol (IGMP) proxy is used for multicast routing. IGMP proxy enables the Zyxel Device to issue IGMP host messages on behalf of hosts that the Zyxel Device discovered on its IGMP-enabled interfaces. The Zyxel Device acts as a proxy for its hosts. Refer to the following figure.

• DS: Downstream traffic

• US: Upstream traffic

• R: Router

• MS: Multicast Server

• Enable IGMP Upstream (US) on the Zyxel Device interface that connects to a router (R) running IGMP that is closer to the multicast server (MS).

• Enable IGMP Downstream on the Zyxel Device interface which connects to the multicast hosts.