Suitable Ethernet switches for an NWA50AX installation


It was really easy setting my network with three of these units (all wired) but each of them had an ethernet switch before it and I eventually found out that this was the cause of the problems I was experiencing. (I have a TP link Gigabit unmanaged switch before each one). Can someone point me in the direction of what I need to buy (in terms of specification) or even better give me a specific model recommendation? … and how easy for a semi-novice would they be to set up? I only need five ports and as the units are mains powered I don't need PoE.

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    Hello @noslotsemaj

    Thank you for reaching out.

    To provide you with the best recommendation, it's essential to understand your network's specific needs. Could you please provide details such as the type of management you prefer (cloud-managed, smart-managed, etc.), VLAN setup, or any issues with your existing switch?

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    If you are using Nebula, I would recommend picking a switch that is also Nebula capable. Personally I uses GS1915-8EP with 2 NWA50AX, the main selling point to me is setting up vlan is much easier comparing to non-Nebula managed switches. Based on your need GS1915-8 (it's w/o PoE) may be a good one.

  • noslotsemaj

    In the meantime I found the problem was being created by something else I had plugged into the TP-Link switch … in all three of the switches by a Sky TV box and in the case of one AP even this didn't cure it … the WAP there was also being compromised by a smart TV that was wireless connected …and I had decided to also connect to the same network by ethernet cable. So those devices that were causing the problem are now wireless connected ... and I am up & running.

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    I was just going to post here saying that a device on your network is causing the issue. I'm glad you got it resolved. I will say though having multiple non-managed switches can cause issue on a network. It is usually best to have at leave one so you can setup STP and have one core switch.