Mesh network with FWA510 router with 2 x NWA50AX?

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Hi guys, I hope you can help me, as I am stuck on this matter.

I have a FWA510 Nebula router (5G is my only option…), but have moved to a new place, where I need to use repeaters or set-up a mesh.

For this purpose I have bought 2 x NWA50AX APs as they are also Nebula compatible, so I work within the same environment - It is important to note that the APs will not have a wired connection to the FWA510!

I have tried activating Smart mesh on both APs, with the same SSID and Password as configures on the FWA510, but with no succes.

I have tried checking some of the guides on the topic and the manual, but maybe I have missed something crucial?

Thank you.

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