Building a home network with multiple access points


I plan to upgrade my home network in the near future, but I wish to do it in 2 steps.

I am interested in getting 2 of these APs - NWA130BE (BE11000). For me, it is a bit overkill, but pretty future-proof. They should be enough to cover a relatively big apartment.

I wish to get those APs first and use them in my existing network with an ASUS router + Zyxel GS1200-8 switch (APs will connect to the switch). After some time, when I'm ready to spend more on networking improvements, I was planning on getting the XMG1915-10E switch (maybe the one with PoE). But might not be ready to buy the switch with the APs at the same time.

That is why I have a few questions:

  1. What needs to be supported in the router and/or switch for the APs to work nicely together, so the connected Wi-Fi devices have seamless roaming between APs? Disabling the Wi-Fi in the ASUS router IS an option and possibly the thing I will do after getting the APs.
  2. If the configuration with my router and switch will not work, do I need a specific switch or other network device for seamless roaming? Or the XMG1915-10E switch will be able to handle this task without issues?

If I'm not mistaken, the support of 802.11k/v/r is highly recommended for achieving my goal. Which is not supported entirely by my ASUS router (AFAIR, the "r" part is not supported, but ASUS has its technology).

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  • jpblanch75
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    Hey, You don't need anything special to use the APs and you can surely use what you have now to get started. If you want to utilize 802.11r you will need to use Nebula Cloud Control to set them up. Honestly its the easiest way to configure them and there and many tutorials in this community that it will get you going no problem. Good luck!

  • Zyxel_Melen
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    Hi @McZion,

    You don't need to set anything on the router or switch for roaming. You need to make sure these items:

    1. The SSID's name and password should be the same as your wifi router. (15-20% overlap is recommended)
    2. Wireless signal coverage areas must overlap between the wifi router and Zyxel APs.

    For more information, you may reference this FAQ:

    Additionally, it is recommended to enable 802.11k/v/r on NWA130BE.

    You may reference this FAQ to configure:

    Zyxel Melen

  • McZion
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    Thank you jpblanch75 and Zyxel_Melen so much for the information!

    From your answers, I see that NWA130BE can be configured with the feature I need because it supports 802.11k/v/r. Even if I had a much worse router, it only needs to manage the IP routing for everything to work.

    Just for my knowledge, if the APs (any different model and/or vendor) do not support 802.11k/v/r (or some part of these protocols), then roaming should be managed by the router or switch to which they are connected, right?

  • jpblanch75
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    Roaming is an AP/Client thing. But if you use different APs then they likely won't roam as smoothly. With normal data it will be fine but for Video meetings or WiFi Calling you could have issues. If you only use the Zyxel APs for your WiFi you should be fine.

  • McZion
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    Thank you jpblanch75 !

    I think now everything is clear.